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Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian Butt Lift

In addition to providing a more fit posture such as tummy tuck and breast Butt Lift applications, you can also get your dream form with Brazilian Butt Lift. Among all plastic surgery applications, Butt Lift not only helps you to have a thinner waist appearance, but also literally changes the appearance of your butt area. Surgeons recommend weight gain to individuals who are thin for this application. Individuals with enough fat on the body are ideal for Brazilian Butt Lift.

The proportion and shape of an individual’s butt is often influenced by genetic factors. Both the way your body stores fat and your skeletal structure seriously affect the appearance of your lower body. Although healthy eating and sports can be enough to achieve the ideal body weight and strengthen the muscles, many individuals experience dissatisfaction due to the shapeless butt. Brazilian butt aesthetics comes into play at this stage. This procedure eliminates the negative effects of genetics by reshaping the hips, thighs and waist sections.

What is Brazilian Butt Aesthetics?

A popular procedure, Brazilian butt aesthetics focuses on achieving more natural-looking results and creating more fullness in the buttocks section. This is a cosmetic procedure that involves fat transfer. It has a wide reputation. It helps to achieve a beautiful and attractive body and butt. With Vaser liposuction, the excess fat taken from the abdomen, waist or leg area of the body is purified by the centrifuge system. It is then injected into the butt and the desired raised butt posture becomes possible. Fat injection is an extremely simple procedure. However, it is extremely important that it is done by professional people.

How is Brazilian Butt Aesthetics Done?

Brazilian butt aesthetic application is mostly performed with anesthesia. However, only local anesthesia may be preferred in less volume fat transfer procedures. For individuals who are allergic to anesthesia, it is important to consult with a doctor before the procedure. If necessary, a drug that prevents nausea should be preferred. The specialist then applies an ideal liposuction method to remove fat from various parts of your body such as the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. This process itself involves using a tube to remove incisions and fat from the skin.

The fats obtained from the body are purified and the butt is made suitable for injection. Your doctor will inject the processed fat into certain areas for a fuller, rounder appearance. In this way, the process is completed. Three to five incisions are made around the butt for fat transfer. Both fat transfers and liposuction incisions are closed with the help of stitches. The specialist then applies compression to the relevant areas of the skin to minimize the possibility of bleeding.

After Brazilian Butt Aesthetics

After this surgery, the hip section is often swollen and large. This condition disappears in the first few weeks after the procedure and the hip shrinks. Two weeks after the operation, the individual can easily return to work. The person should not sit down until the first fifteen days after the procedure. From the fifteenth day to the thirtieth day, the person should prefer a soft cushion when sitting. Pressure clothes should not be preferred for at least six weeks. In the first trimester, some of the fat is lost. Therefore, it takes three months to see the desired results.

What are the Advantages of Brazilian Butt Aesthetics?

Brazilian butt aesthetics offers advantages in many ways. The most important of them are:

  • A natural butt image is obtained with a successful operation.
  • There is no risk of reaction because the fats taken from the individual’s own body are used.
  • Operation scars are almost non-existent.
  • It is a reliable application.
  • It is a long-lasting process.
  • An aesthetic image is obtained.
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