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Breast Lift

Breast Lift

Breast lift operation is performed to restore the breast shape that has deteriorated as a result of childbirth, weight gain and aging. It is one of the most frequently preferred breast aesthetic operations Dec. Breast lift may sometimes not be enough on its own to reach the normal size of the breast. If it is estimated that the breast tissue is insufficient, the desired result becomes possible by performing breast prosthesis during the breast lift operation.

There are many different factors that lead to sagging breasts. Sagging, which occurs in many parts of the human body due to the loss of elasticity of the skin with age, manifests itself most of all in the breast tissue. This can be influenced by hormonal reasons, genetics, pregnancy, breastfeeding, conditions such as weight gain and loss. Breast lift operation is performed in order to reduce and eliminate such problems.

Things to Consider Before Breast Lift Surgery

The image of breasts also affects the social life of women in a high amount, especially in the summer season. Serious successful results are obtained in breast prosthesis surgeries performed by specialists. The whole life of the individual is changing and his confidence in himself is literally fulfilled. It is important that you first discuss with the specialist your suitability for this operation, whether there is a risk for the operation, what kind of image you want. You can decide the breast size together with the doctor. Important considerations before surgery:

  • Breast examination should be performed before the operation.
  • Breast should be evaluated with breast mammography in cases that pose a danger or in individuals over the age of 40.
  • Smoking should be stopped before surgery. In this way, a smooth operation is performed and the healing process is completed faster.
  • Blood thinners should not be taken until two to three weeks before the operation.
  • Commonly used herbal medicines should be left before surgery.

Types of Breast Lift Surgery

After the examination, it is decided which method is suitable for the patient in the breast lift operation. This condition is influenced by factors such as the degree of sagging of the breast, tissue condition, volume loss condition. The incisions to be performed may be in the form of an inverted T, a vertical incision down from the head of the breast, or around the nipple, depending on the condition of the breast.

The breast lift operation takes about three hours on average. The individual is usually discharged from the operation the next day. The surgical sutures are removed within 10 days. The individual should use the medical bra that the specialist will recommend. By using this bra, it will be possible to return to normal life a few days after the operation.

Breast prosthesis operations are finalized according to the decision of the physician. After the person’s suitability is decided, the process begins. Silicone prostheses, which will be preferred, contain substances that can integrate with the body and do not harm the breast tissue and the body. Prostheses are divided into two groups in the form of drops and round. The only difference between these is the patient’s Decency.

The Healing Process After Breast Lift Surgery

After the breast lift operation, pain may occur, especially in arm movements for a few days. At this point, in order to control the pain, the doctor will prescribe various medications. After surgery, there may be various incision scars depending on the operation. These disappear within a year. It takes 3-4 months for the breast to get its ideal shape.

Things to Consider After Breast Lift Surgery

At the end of the breast lift operation, the following considerations should be considered:

  • Heavy materials should not be lifted and pushed for about 3-4 weeks.
  • Avoid sexual intercourse for at least a week and heavy sports for a month.
  • The bra recommended by the doctor should be used to support it.
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