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Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction

The fact that the breast size is large seriously prevents individuals from adapting to social life. Another problem caused by breast size is skeletal deformation. Conditions such as bending in the neck, leaning forward, pain in various parts of the body, bra straps crushing the shoulder area, numbness in the arm area and pain in the back can also be caused by large breasts. Due to the size of the breast, there may also be excessive sweating and diaper rash under the breast. Breast reduction surgery is performed to ensure that breasts that are excessively large and saggy-looking are reduced and gain shape. Excessive breast growth can also occur for reasons such as genetic and hormonal reasons, excessive weight gain, advanced age, and the use of certain medications. With the breast reduction operation, excess breast tissue, adipose tissue and skin are removed; a lighter, smaller and aesthetic breast appearance is obtained.

Why Is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

Breast reduction surgery is one of the operations that can heal much more painlessly and quickly and return to social life quickly because the breast is an organ outside the body. The process after the regular reduction of the breast area and the carefully performed operation is extremely comfortable. Individuals can return to their social lives and jobs after an average of 3-4 days of rest. It is important that the individual does not lift weights during the first fifteen days after surgery and does not do sports for an average of one month. At the end of about a month, the individual can start playing sports and performing their daily activities. The main logic in breast reduction surgery is to lift the downward-facing nipples up and remove excess breast tissue. In this way, nipple aesthetics are also achieved. By reshaping the remaining breast tissue, it will be possible to obtain a fuller and livelier breast.

How is Breast Reduction Surgery Performed?

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. It will take about three hours. Since the individual receives general anesthesia, it is important that he stays in the hospital for a day. Then a doctor’s visit is essential for routine check-ups. In order for a breast reduction operation to be performed, it is necessary that the individual has no possible sensitivity to anesthesia and has not smoked for up to two weeks before the operation.

The main thing in breast reduction surgery is to get an image that will suit the individual’s body style and will not spoil the natural image. The individual is discharged the next day after the operation. Sutures are Decoupled between 10-12 days after the operation. During the recovery period, it is important to use bras that are recommended by a specialist and do not contain underwire. Using these bras, recovery is possible in a short time. In this way, it will be easy to return to normal life.

At the end of the operation, there may be scars after the recovery period, as sagging may occur in the skin area where the chest is located. Traces of this style, which remain in the bra and are not obvious in everyday life, disappear after a maximum of a year. With the preferred modern techniques, there may be fewer scars at the end of the breast reduction operation. Healing of scars occurs at a rate of seventy percent in the first month and eighty percent in the second month. Depending on the skin structure of the individual, the scars of some patients are more faint-looking. The final shape of the chest becomes apparent in an average of six months to a year. The use of medical bras is extremely important until one month after the operation.

Why Is Breast Reduction Surgery Necessary?

In individuals whose breast size is up to the back, liposuction is performed with breast reduction surgery to reduce the breast and remove the folds under the breast. In this way, the quality of a person’s life increases. Breast reduction provides an extreme degree of physical relaxation. At the end of this operation, the breasts become their ideal size. A part of the breast tissue and skin is removed, giving the breast the ideal size. In this way, it is possible for a person to feel more comfortable and confident.

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