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Hair Transplantation with FUE Method

Hair Transplantation with FUE Method

FUE hair transplantation technique is one of the two basic methods of obtaining hair rooted transfer. This has been implemented since 2004. It is done by collecting the hair follicles one by one from the data section and making them ready. Hair follicles are taken from the back area of the hair with a micromotor device of 0.7-1 mm size and added to the open area. Approximately 3000 hair follicles can be transferred to the open area. With this method, hair transplantation can be performed without any surgical procedure and without suturing.

How is FUE Hair Transplantation Performed?

In the first stage of the application, the hair follicle is taken as much as the individual needs without damaging the tissue with special glasses. Since it is taken as one of the seven hairs, the amount of hair collected from the nape of the neck is not clear. In this way, the nape does not form a sparse image. Very meticulous intake application and sowing are carried out. After this procedure, mild pain may occur and the healing process takes place extremely quickly. Only slight scratches may occur in the area where the hair follicles will be transplanted can occur. However, these will also disappear in a short time. Even with the application of gold cream, these scars can heal in a short time.

Things to Consider After FUE Hair Transplantation

After the FUE technique, it is important to pay attention to:

  • Salty foods should not be consumed after the procedure.
  • Plenty of water should be drunk.
  • The medicines prescribed by the doctor should be taken regularly.
  • The transplanted area should be washed with hair lotion for ten days. At this stage, untouched operation should be carried out.
  • It is recommended to rest for a day after hair transplantation. You can go back to work the next day.
  • The transplanted hair grows approximately from the third month. It takes nine months for all of them to come out.
  • On the thirteenth day, it is necessary to go to the hospital for shell casting application.
  • Monthly checks are ongoing for the first six months.

To Whom is FUE Hair Transplantation Applied?

FUE hair transplantation is suitable for the following people:

  • Those with genetic or congenital regional hair loss.
  • Men between the ages of 20-75 who do not have any health problems.
  • Women with excessive hair loss.
  • It can be done to anyone who thinks that the hair density is insufficient and wants to have more natural looking hair.

What are the Advantages of FUE Hair Transplantation?

FUE hair transplantation technique has been preferred since 2004. Compared to the old technique, it is a very comfortable application in terms of patient and doctor. Due to the fact that it is an application that is open to technological innovations, it is being developed day by day. Due to the preferred motor and special tips, the operation time is much shorter than the FUT method.


Recently, many hair transplant professionals use a motorized system to save time. The FUE technique also incorporates the latest innovations. With the Sapphire FUE hair transplantation engine, hair follicles can be removed more frequently and the same amount of field removal can be done. Another advantage of the motor used is that it is less likely to break down multiple roots. Therefore, the hair transplantation process can be completed comfortably with the motor preferred in Sapphire FUE hair transplantation.

Since no incision is made during the procedure, the patient feels comfortable. There is no need for additional time for the separation of hair follicles. Due to the lack of stitches, dressing is sufficient for an average period of three days. Around 6000 hair strands can be transferred in a single session.

FUE hair transplantation application does not leave traces unlike FUT and DHI Plus Gold procedures. It is a method that is suitable for performing multiple sessions and collecting a large number of hair follicles. In general, the hair opening is closed in a single session by 85 percent. A second session may be required at a rate of 15 percent.

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