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Labiaplasty (Inner Lip Aesthetics)

Labiaplasty (Inner Lip Aesthetics)

Labiaplasty applications are one of the most performed sexual aesthetic methods in recent times. It is the most demanded among all genital aesthetic operations in our country, except for the USA and Europe Dec.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty application is mostly congenital or enlarged, darkened, extended, sagging or irregular inner lips with adolescence period to be cut and made small in size and aesthetically corrected surgery.

Sometimes labial asymmetry can also be performed due to the fact that one lip part, which is called labial asymmetry, is longer in size or has a different structure than the other. This type of surgery is among the gynecological aesthetic operations Dec. It is a preferred procedure in many countries for both cosmetic and functional reasons. The number of labiaplasty operations increases by 20 percent every year worldwide.

What Does Labiaplasty Mean?

Labiaplasty is the process of giving an aesthetic appearance to the genital lips called labium. In this application, there is a reduction of the inner lips by shortening. This application is preferred in order to give a more uniform appearance with aesthetic stitches.

Where Is the Inner Lip?

The small lips located in the inner part of the external genital area are called labiumminus. The puffy and large lips, which are located on the outside and have a slight bump on top, are also known as labiummajus. The upper part of the inner lips is hairless. The outer lips are covered with genital hairs.

Inner Lip Sagging

Sagging of the inner lip that occurs in the genital area, an increase in width or elongation is called labial hypertrophy. This indicates that the genital lips are structurally normally large in size, wide, drooping and puffy.

Why Is Labiaplasty Performed?

The reason for this application is that the inner lips are hanging so that they protrude from the outer lips. At the same time, this process is also applied in symmetry problems where one lip is different from the other. On the other hand, revision surgery is performed for correction purposes in individuals who have undergone labiaplasty operations in different centers and are not satisfied with the result. Excessive darkening of the color on the side of the inner lips is also one of the reasons for labiaplasty.

The wrinkled, sagging, dark-toned and asymmetrical appearance of the inner lips is the cause of many aesthetic concerns in the individual. However, it also brings with it many problems from a functional point of view. For this reason, labiaplasty operation creates cosmetic, psychological, sexual, hygienic and functional benefits.

What are the Reasons for the Labiaplasty Operation?

Some of the problems caused by inner lip sagging include:

  • Feeling uncomfortable while cycling, walking and sitting
  • Noticing the genital organ when wearing clothes such as tights
  • Friction when wearing tight pants
  • Odor, sweating, infection problems after sports such as fitness
  • Hygiene problem during menstruation and after the toilet
  • Frequent vaginal infection
  • Irritation
  • Inability to feel during sexual intercourse
  • Pain and pain due to tension in sexual intercourse
  • Deterioration in body perception
  • Loss of self-confidence and embarrassment

With the spread of the Internet and social media, the excesses on the inner lips have become an important problem that affects all life by being magnified in the minds. The presence of the inner lips inside the outer lips is the general expectation of people. Because of all this, labiaplasty surgery is performed in order to eliminate the above problems.

Vagina Tongue Sagging

The sagging of the inner lips so that they are outside the outer lips is also known as vaginal tongue sagging among the people decently. These are essentially false statements. It would be more correct to use the expression lip droop instead of the expression tongue droop or the outward overflow of the tongues in the genital area.

How is Labiaplasty Surgery Performed?

This operation is carried out in an easy way. The operation, which is performed for the purpose of cutting the inner lips and reducing them aesthetically, is performed with local or general anesthesia. It is carried out in a hospital or in an appropriate clinical setting. Especially with local anesthesia, it offers convenience for people.

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