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Lower Jaw Joint Treatment

Lower Jaw Joint Treatment

Today, many individuals may encounter some jaw joint problems. In the area connecting the lower jaw and the upper jaw, the jaw joint is located. At this stage, various disorders may occur in soft tissue or bone. The pain, which is mostly directly reflected in the face part, can be of a very different variety.

For example, pain in the front part of the ear, eye section, muscles in the cheek, under the chin and temples is one of the frequently detected conditions. These indicate jaw joint problems. Details such as various sounds coming from the joints, sudden locking of the jaw, sliding the jaw to the other side when opening the mouth can be added to these. Of course, it is possible to get rid of these problems with jaw joint treatment.

What are the Symptoms of Lower Jaw Joint Problems?

A detailed examination is required to make the diagnosis before proceeding to the treatment stage of the jaw joint. Therefore, it is imperative that the patient clearly detects various symptoms and problems in himself. Symptoms of a problem with the lower jaw joint include:

  • Different swelling on the face
  • Involuntary clenching of teeth during sleep,
  • Pain in places such as temples, ears and cheeks
  • Stiffness in the jaw
  • Scarcity in the jaw
  • The appearance of a constant severe pain during jaw movements and when eating

Why Does Lower Jaw Joint Discomfort Occur?

Although the jaw joint problem is a chronic problem in general, in some cases it may suddenly manifest itself due to various reasons such as the individual’s complaints, a difficult tooth extraction, traffic accident, stress, blow to the relevant area or general anesthesia. Since the joint area is complex in structure, jaw joint treatment should be applied by an experienced physician who has previously carried out studies on this subject. It is important that the maxillofacial surgeon, orthodontist, otolaryngologist and physical therapy doctor work together during the treatment phase in order to reveal the root cause of the individual’s pain and to perform the treatment.

What are the Treatment Methods for Lower Jaw Joint Problems?

This problem may be eliminated with non-surgical treatment options. For this, various treatments such as stress treatment method, physical therapy, drug therapy and joint plaque are applied. At the same time, treatments that offer permanent solutions such as orthodontic treatment or prosthetic restoration in order to eliminate the causes of a disorder may also be preferred in the treatment of lower jaw joints. Some surgical techniques such as arthroscopy, artocentesis, botox application and some joint applications can also be added to the process.

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