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Massage with GuaSha Stone

Massage with GuaSha Stone

The GuaSha technique is a type of massage based on Chinese medicine that aims to transmit energy to the whole body. In this massage, your energy starts to flow to your whole body. In some areas, when your energy stagnates, health problems can manifest themselves. With GuaSha, the acupuncturist will use equipment with smooth edges to stimulate your body’s energy that is inflammatory or stagnant to improve and support circulation. This is a form of treatment that most acupuncturists will prefer. GuaSha, one of the types of only tool-assisted massage, means gently pushing, rubbing or scraping.

GuaSha For The Face

Perhaps you have seen individuals on social media who are massaged with guasha stones on their faces. GuaSha has been proven to help eliminate tension and reduce inflammation and bloating. It is even known to help relieve sinus pressure. However, since the facial muscles are much thinner, it is important to avoid applying additional pressure when working in this area.

Generally, the facial muscles are fine-structured and do not bulge like other muscles. While you have guasha on your face part, this stone should be used carefully on the outer edges of the face. For this, cut the face in half and set the nose as the midpoint. If you work in the lower part of the eye section, start from your nose area and use the guasha tool outwards. It is important that you move the stone smoothly, straight. You should not apply your guasha tool vigorously at different angles, back and forth and up and down. This only stretches and aggravates the skin. You need to move the application in a proper direction. You need to do this procedure enough to cause slight redness. But it shouldn’t hurt. In order to get a productive result, you can apply serum or lotion to your face before performing this massage. Thanks to this, your tool can simply slide on your skin.

Benefits of GuaSha

GuaSha has been medically proven to help support certain health conditions. It is good for musculoskeletal system problems, especially big problems such as tension in the back, legs and shoulders. At the same time, tension in your body helps relieve headaches, neck pains, migraines and swelling. When this procedure is done in addition to acupuncture, it relieves conditions such as fatigue, anxiety and insomnia.

If you do not have proper energy and blood flow in all areas of your body, pain, muscle nodes can manifest themselves. Acupuncture with GuaSha will only stimulate this blood flow and the healthy passage of everything through the tissues. In this way, it will keep your body as healthy as possible.

GuaSha Stone Damages

It may worry you that it contains engravings about GuaSha stone. In addition, we should note that it does not carry out any serious scraping. GuaSha is usually gentle and is mildly applied depending on the condition of your body. GuaSha equipment includes round and smooth edges. Before starting the application, the treatment area should first be massaged with lotion or cream. Then it will be much easier to bring everything to the comfort level. The specialist does not immediately dig as deep as possible at some point. It finds the stretched tissue, works lightly on it, and promotes circulation to support the breakdown of all the twisted areas. For this, it is important to increase the intensity gradually.

What Type of GuaSha Stone Do You Need?

You can get a GuaSha instrument for GuaSha massage. You can also opt for jade and pink quartz stone. Regardless of which one you prefer, it is extremely important that you keep these stones in good condition and clean.

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