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Medical Skin Care

Medical Skin Care

Medical skin care is often one of the preferred applications. With this application, it is possible to cleanse the skin from dead cells. It is carried out with the help of professional devices. It is the name given to skin rejuvenation, nourishment applications.

What are the Types of Medical Skin Care?

The appropriate skin care technique is used according to the problem and skin type in your skin. The procedures performed at this stage are divided into two types as doctoral skin care applications and cosmetic skin care procedures.

Doctored Skin Care Applications

  • Dermapen medical skin care
  • PRP treatment
  • Mesotherapy in medical skin care
  • Gold needle
  • Medical skin care dermamelan (cosmelan) application
  • Stain treatment
  • Carbon peeling
  • Chemical peeling
  • Focus ultrasound
  • Q switch medical skin care
  • Fractional laser skin care

Cosmetic Skin Care Procedures

  • Collagen care in medical skin care
  • Medical skin care jetpeel application
  • Hydrafacial in medical skin care
  • Classic skin care

What is Fractional Laser Skin Care?

This is one of the skin rejuvenation techniques. It is used in procedures such as stretch mark treatment, blemish treatment, skin care, scar and acne treatment. It allows the skin to regenerate. It is a painless and non-surgical method. It is suitable for individuals who do not want to use fillers and injections. The number of sessions also varies depending on which area it is applied to. It promotes the formation of a new skin texture by eliminating the spots present on the skin. It is also an effective method of removing cracks that occur over time.

What is Q Switch Medical Skin Care?

It is a technique that helps to eliminate stains. It is a common care technique preferred in skin rejuvenation treatment. It is preferred in applications such as birthmarks, sun spots, freckles, nail fungus and tattoo removal. It allows the skin to regenerate. Performs powerful laser shots. It enables satisfactory results in a short time.

What is Focus Ultrasound?

Focus ultrasound, which is one of the facial rejuvenation and skin lifting applications, is a procedure performed by applying high heat on the tissue. In this way, it helps to regenerate cells, increase collagen levels and perform skin repair. It is possible for the skin, which fades, sags, wrinkles and spots occur with age, to regain its former healthy appearance with the focus ultrasound method. In this way, the skin will be tightened and will have a radiant appearance.

What is Chemical Peeling?

In the carbon peeling process, which is preferred in skin care, it is aimed to eliminate the spots, to lose the acne and acne scars, to eliminate the tone difference in the skin, and to make the skin healthier and brighter. With the chemical peeling process, it may be possible for the skin to exhibit a more vivid image. In the chemical peeling process, which allows the skin to offer a fresher appearance, laser shots are applied to the dermis layer in the intended area. Thus, the treatment of the problem area is carried out.

What is Spot Treatment with Medical Skin Care?

One of the most preferred techniques in medical skin care is stain treatment. It allows the elimination of skin problems in cases such as pigmentation disorder, birthmarks, sun rays, rash and infection. The session and method applied vary according to the depth, size and structure of the stain. With stain treatment, it is possible to eliminate the spots formed on the skin. This makes it easier for the skin to present a smooth, vibrant and radiant appearance.

What is the Golden Needle?

It is a technology also known as needle radiofrequency. It provides rejuvenation of the skin. The amount of collagen on the skin surface is increased. Thanks to the increase in the collagen level in the skin, the symptoms of old age are eliminated. It is possible to regenerate the skin with the application of a golden needle. It will also be possible to tighten the pores and eliminate the difference in tone. At the same time, skin tone equality is achieved.

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