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Mole Removal with Laser

Mole Removal with Laser

Spots on the skin that are raised and occur in a different color tone from the skin are called moles. Laser mole treatment should be carried out in sterile environments controlled by professional dermatologists. Although moles can usually occur at birth, they can sometimes occur for various reasons. It is possible to treat these tiny spots called moles, and this operation can be performed painlessly. Therefore, it is an application preferred by many people. Before laser mole treatment, mole control should be performed with preliminary examination. With the appropriate mole removal method, the individual can have the mole removal process.

Thanks to many techniques in terms of technology, different methods can be preferred for mole removal application. Nowadays, mole removal is done much more safely and accurately. One of the mistakes that used to be known was undoubtedly that the risk of cancer appeared when I took it. But the fact of this situation is that the mole in the body has a higher chance of causing cancer. Mole types in the body can be easily removed both with laser technique and with surgical applications. Which procedure will be preferred becomes clear after the physician’s examination.

Surgical Mole Removal Technique

Surgical mole removal can be performed very practically. After the mole is taken from the area anesthetized with local anesthesia, a small stitch is placed in that area. A little trace may remain in this area. If it is a mole with risk factors, it should be sent to pathology after the removal process. Moles that contain danger are first sent to pathology. If there is no risk, mole removal is applied without any problems. Moles are small blisters that occur on the skin or structures with a dark tone. The type and structure of each type of mole is quite different. There are also moles that occur later as well as congenital moles. If there are bubble moles called meat moles, these are structures that need to be checked from time to time. The color of moles may darken over time. In this case, there is a slight risk. If the moles are to be removed by laser technique, it must be a benign mole.

Moles that can be removed by surgical procedure:

  • Fluffy moles
  • Moles with large diameters
  • Moles that darken day by day
  • Moles whose environmental boundaries do not seem certain
  • Shapeless and asymmetrical moles
  • Color-changing moles

Laser Mole Treatment

This method is a non-surgical mole removal technique. It is a preferred method for removing moles that are often the same height as the skin. In laser technique, there is a conversion of electrical energy into heat. In this way, mole intake is realized. After this application, a small scar may remain in the relevant area. Laser mole removal ends in a single session. Since the application is practical and fast, the person does not feel any pain or suffering. With the laser technique, many moles can be removed at the same time. After the procedure, the skin heals quickly. After the application, the person can continue his daily life.

  • If the moles are not large, there are no scars.
  • If there is a stain in the where the mole is removed, the color of the stain is lightened.
  • Lasers preferred for mole removal do not damage the hair follicles.
  • The laser mole removal session lasts a short time and the person continues his / her daily life.
  • There is no need to apply any dressing after the mole intake process.
  • It is unlikely that a mole will come out again in place of the removed mole.
  • There is no pain and pain sensation.

Mole Removal with Radiofrequency

One of the techniques of mole removal is by radiofrequency. Radiofrequency, which is preferred in many procedures such as eliminating scars, rejuvenating the skin, opening the spots, also stands out as a good choice for those who want to get rid of moles. In this method, electrical energy is converted into radio waves and evaporates. When evaporation occurs, the mole is removed. There is no need for any intervention or stitches in this application.

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