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Needle Epilation

Needle Epilation

Diverse Aesthetic also provides needle hair removal services. If you want to put an end to the problem of hair and hair, you can take advantage of our needle hair removal service with 100 percent solutions. Due to the change in hormonal balances after puberty, there are also differences in the hair on the body. Hairs that were once never visible can create an uncomfortable appearance after puberty. One of the most effective solutions for this is the needle epilation method.

What is Needle Epilation?

Needle Epilation is a procedure that requires great care. It is an application made by laser devices by sending low-flow warnings to the hair follicle with thin sterile needles that are not visible. With this application, the hair follicles that grow regularly every month are destroyed and thus it is possible to get rid of the hair forever. In particular, it encourages getting rid of the hair in the face area, which requires long-term epilation, in a short time. The session times of the procedure vary according to the structure of the hairs, the exiting time, the color of the hair and the density of the hairs. After the procedure, which is performed with soft needle tips specific to the individual, rashes or blisters appear on the skin. These are completely normal.

How is Needle Epilation Done?

Needle hair removal is done as follows:

  • Before the needle epilation procedure, it is checked whether the hairs are suitable or not.
  • The area where the application will be performed must be clean.
  • Each patient is provided with a unique needle tip to perform the procedure.
  • In this technique, a weak electrical current is transmitted by entering the hair follicle with a soft and thin needle.
  • The current is stopped before removing the needle, and if the hair root is destroyed, the hair is easily removed.
  • In this way, the hair follicles are destroyed and a permanent solution is obtained.
  • There may be slight redness and blisters on the skin.
  • Redness, crusting and swelling may continue for about 1-2 days in the application area.

What are Needle Epilation Devices?

Two different devices are used in the needle epilation method:

  • Gelvalik system: In the needle epilation method working with this system, electrical energy is given to the hair follicles from the tip section of the needle and the burning process is performed.
  • Thermolysis system: In needle epilation with this system, vibration is transmitted from the tip of the needle to the hair follicles and the hairs are burned.

How Long Does the Needle Epilation Method Last?

In the application of needle epilation, the process varies depending entirely on the density of the hair. There may be a disadvantage in terms of time in areas such as legs and arms. Since the needle hair removal technique takes place with a single shot at the hair follicles, it may take a while to work on large areas. In general, the needle epilation technique lasts between 5 minutes and 2 hours.

Is the Needle Hair Removal Method Suitable for Everyone?

Needle hair removal technique is suitable for every person. However, if there is a factor such as any allergic condition or wound in the area where needle epilation will be performed, the relevant area is expected to heal.

How to Make Needle Epilation Permanent?

It is not possible to obtain 100 percent results immediately from the needle epilating application because not every hair stays during the period of active reproduction. Feathers that are at the time of active reproduction are more easily destroyed. Needle hair removal cannot be performed for pacemaker users, people with varicose veins, pregnant women, those with active infections, diabetics, psoriasis and individuals with infectious diseases such as AIDS.

What Should Be Considered After Needle Epilation?

Cosmetics such as deodorant and perfume, which may cause skin irritation within 24 hours after epilation, should not be preferred. Water should not be touched to the relevant area for approximately 2-3 hours after the procedure. The skin should not be irritated with hot water and scrub. With a mild soap and warm water, the corresponding area can be washed. Various creams can be applied to the treatment area in order to prevent infection from developing.

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