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Non-Surgical Face Lift with Focus Ultrasound

Non-Surgical Face Lift with Focus Ultrasound

Due to gravity, time and other environmental factors that adversely affect skin health, there may be sagging and loosening problems in the face area. Focus Ultrasound technique, which is a state-of-the-art method, is an effective and safe option in eyebrow lifting, non-surgical face lift, and tickle recovery and body contour regulation. It causes heat coagulation in the lower layer of the skin and SMAS layers, making it possible to tighten and recover the skin. This technique, which has been clinically proven, helps to achieve wide indications and the exact reach of sound waves focused on the targeted area with its micro and macro focusing feature.

How is Focus Ultrasound Applied?

With Focus Ultrasound, face lift can be performed without surgery. In the procedure, the ultrasound cap is brought into contact with the skin. With heads reaching various depths, thermal energy focused 9, 6, 4.5, 3 or 1.5 mm below the skin is transmitted. It is ensured that the skin benefits positively from this process. The depth of the application depends on the decision of the physician. At the same time, this depth varies according to the target region and purpose. The skin surface is not adversely affected during the application. Thanks to the energy reaching the skin, stimulation increases and collagen formation is stimulated in the skin. A strong tightening effect occurs and a non-surgical face lift effect occurs over time. This application is done in a single session. However, if the sagging problem is too advanced, it can be done in two or three sessions if necessary.

Is Pain Felt in Focus Ultrasound Application?

The feeling during the procedure varies from individual to individual. People usually feel a momentary needle prick. This feeling is a sign that the focused sound wave energy reaches the relevant areas of the tissue, which will have a tightening and recovery effect on the skin. The processing time varies according to the size of the application area. Approximately the whole hundred applications are completed in an average of 45 minutes.

When are the results observed after the focus ultrasound procedure?

After a single procedure, the time of regeneration under the skin begins immediately. Even immediately after the application, a slight lifting effect occurs. But it is necessary to wait up to 45-60 days to reach a clear result. After the procedure, the skin starts to look much better every day. Even after a month, visible effects appear. At the end of the second month, the results are well noticed.

Who is Focused Ultrasound Suitable For?

All individuals with sagging or relaxation in the body or face areas are suitable for the Focus Ultrasound procedure. It is touted as a highly effective technique, especially for individuals between the ages of 30-65 who have oiliness, sagging and loosening in the structure of their skin.

Who Is Not Suitable for Focus Ultrasound?

Focus Ultrasound application is not suitable for the following people:

  • Children and pregnant women,
  • Those with diabetes and epilepsy,
  • Those with autoimmune diseases,
  • Those who have a condition that prevents blood clotting or wound healing
  • Those who have electronic devices such as pacemakers in their body and those who have active skin infections on their face
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