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Closed Nose Surgery

Closed nose surgery is one of the popular practices. It is made by changing the cartilage and bone shape in the nose structure. It is one of the nose aesthetics techniques. It is a plastic surgeon operation performed by changing the cartilage and bone shape in the nose structure. This is also called scarless nose surgery. Because during the procedure, no incision is made in any visible area and the operation is performed from the inside of the nose.


Rhinoplasty applications, known as rhinoplasty in the medical field, is an operation that eliminates deformities, breathing problems and asymmetrical posture caused by congenital or traumatic reasons in the nose. It is known as a widely preferred operation in our country since the 1970s. It is often applied in terms of both beauty and health.

Medical Skin Care

Medical skin care is often one of the preferred applications. With this application, it is possible to cleanse the skin from dead cells. It is carried out with the help of professional devices. It is the name given to skin rejuvenation, nourishment applications.


Aesthetic filling applications are often preferred. It is applied for the prevention of skin wrinkles and loss of elasticity. The materials used for filling are those that are compatible with the body, semi-permanent or fully permanent. The filling process is also performed to correct the asymmetry on the skin, fill the pitted areas and add volume to the pitted sections. Filling applications are very popular today. Due to stress, advancing age, harmful rays of the sun, alcohol and smoking, collagen, elastic and acid levels in the skin decrease. Filling processes are used to reinforce this.

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