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Vitamin C intravenously

Vitamin C intravenously

Intravenous vitamin C supplementation is also known in the form of an immune cocktail. It is the process of transmitting dense minerals and vitamin C to the body through the vein. This practice allows the immune system to strengthen. It also has an antioxidant effect. Immune-strengthening treatments have regained importance with the coronavirus. High doses of vitamin C taken intravenously protect the person against many different diseases.

Intravenous administration of vitamin C, also known for its anti-aging effect, also has significant effects on skin health. It is also known that people undergoing cancer treatment recover quickly with high amounts of vitamin C. Vitamin C treatment through the vein is applied by professional physicians in our institution. This form of treatment, which allows tired people to recover, also effectively protects the body against some infections and bacteria.

Vitamin C Requirement of People Who Smoke

Especially in people who smoke, frequent travel, busy work tempo and stress can cause vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C, which is a type of vitamin that is not stored, is a type of vitamin that smokers should definitely take. Smoking suppresses vitamin C in the body. Vitamin C taken intravenously suppresses the negative effects of smoking. Thanks to this procedure, upper respiratory tract treatment, as well as the treatment of colds, can be done effectively. Vitamin C treatment through the vein, which is one of the most special treatments that strengthen the immune system, increases the antioxidant level in the body to the maximum level.

Vitamin C in the Treatment of Coronavirus

During the Covid-19 epidemic process, many experimental applications were preferred and it was aimed to alleviate the effects of this virus. One of these experimental applications is the intake of vitamin C intravenously. This form of treatment, which has been discussed recently and has not seen any side effects, has allowed coronavirus patients to recover more quickly. Because vitamin C strengthens the immune system, makes it healthier, and makes the body more resistant to viruses.

Vitamin C, which is transmitted through the vein, is much more effective than the vitamins taken by mouth because it is given directly to the body. Vitamin C taken intravenously is one hundred percent mixed with the blood. It has a tremendous effect compared to oral vitamin intake.

It should not be forgotten that vitamin C in the nutrients that enter the human body through the mouth is absorbed in the intestines. The intestinal capacity to absorb this vitamin is limited. This means that no matter how much fruit you eat, your intestines will be able to absorb a certain amount of vitamin C. Therefore, vitamin C, which is directly mixed into the blood through the vein, is much more effective in increasing the body’s resistance, protecting immunity and preventing various diseases.

Things to Consider in the Treatment of Vitamin C Intravenously

It is extremely important to stay away from unauthorized and non-expert individuals in taking vitamin C intravenously. As with any form of treatment, support should be obtained from specialist doctors in the application of high-level vitamin C. Before the vitamin supplementation procedure, it is necessary to have a preliminary examination of the doctors. The dose to be taken after this examination will be decided. Our institution acts with specialist doctors in this application as in every procedure. Therefore, you can safely and with peace of mind choose our institution for intravenous administration of vitamin C.

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