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Cupping Treatment

Cupping Treatment

Decapitation is quite popular among the methods of traditional medicine. Cupping, also known as a kind of detox technique, was found in Chinese and Indian medicine thousands of years ago. It is a form of treatment that is widely applied in many parts of the world. It is an option that has benefited the treatment of many ailments in recent times. Today, this method of treatment is practiced in European countries and in many other countries.

Why Is Cupping Done?

In this treatment method, attention is paid to the fact that the areas where cups or mugs are placed are mostly painful areas. It is an effective technique that removes heavy metals. This feature is also supported by scientific research. The ratios of heavy metals, especially in terms of blood fats and uric acid, were different between the blood taken from the relevant area and the blood taken from the arm. This means that the characteristics of the blood taken from the relevant area are different than the venous blood taken directly.

How Is Cupping Done?

This form of treatment can be explained as the process of removing toxic blood that accumulates under the skin and can cause some diseases by vacuum. When performing the procedure, the skin is cut with a scalpel or a component that is sharper. The blood in the relevant area is drawn with a wide-mouthed cup or mug. The difference from cup treatment is that an incision is made in the body in this method. This allows the blood to be expelled. In this technique, the skin is scratched with a scalpel and the cup is closed upside down on the resulting incision. After that, the blood under the skin is drawn by vacuuming method.

Cupping is considered an effective detox technique today. It often finds a place, especially in the treatment of pain. The benefits of improving various pains called neuropathic pain are quite high. In addition, this treatment has the effect of irreparably improving the immune system and some of the pain that also occurs in cancer patients. In addition to these, it is also known as an extremely effective method for epilepsy and migraine October.

Cupping positively affects the course of treatment in diabetics and heart patients. It also has a number of positive effects in psoriasis. It is the blood that nourishes the organs and the body. If there is no blood going anywhere, there is a problem in the relevant area. Both to ensure that the law has access to areas that the blood cannot access, and to ensure that this area is stimulated by this area, it is possible with cupping.

The fact that individuals who are not sick also have cupping several times a year prevents risks such as infections, heart attacks, organ damage and strokes during that period.

When Is Cupping Done?

According to Ibn-i Sina, this should be performed between 5-25 days of Hijri. The best time for cupping is the end of spring or the beginning of June, as blood circulation is more ideal during the warm seasons. It is important to be applied by medical doctors who are approved and certified by the Ministry of Health, as well as trained in cupping. Therefore, having cupping treatment in the right center takes a step forward.

What Is the Use of Cupping?

There are various benefits of cupping. We can list them as follows:

  • Removes heavy metals from the body.
  • Cleans the blood well in areas where the lymph circulation in the back section is weaker, known as dirty blood.
  • Provides oxygenated and fresh blood to the areas where cupping is performed. It is about making regeneration possible in tissues.
  • These studies continue to contribute to traditional medicine in the best way.

What are the Cupping Points?

It is important to know the treatment points for cupping. Because it is applied to some parts of the body, namely the legs, lower and upper extremities, head. Due to the fact that the anterior part of the body has limited treatment points, this method is most useful for the head, behind the ears, the center of the head and the upper part of the shoulders.

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