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Aesthetic filling applications are often preferred. It is applied for the prevention of skin wrinkles and loss of elasticity. The materials used for filling are those that are compatible with the body, semi-permanent or fully permanent. The filling process is also performed to correct the asymmetry on the skin, fill the pitted areas and add volume to the pitted sections. Filling applications are very popular today. Due to stress, advancing age, harmful rays of the sun, alcohol and smoking, collagen, elastic and acid levels in the skin decrease. Filling processes are used to reinforce this.

What is Filling? What is Face Filling?

As a result of the decrease in these substances, which offer vitality, healthy and young appearance to the skin, with advancing age, tissue loss, wrinkles, loss of elasticity and sagging problems occur. At this stage, fillers containing hyaluronic acid eliminate such problems and give you back your lost beauty. The destruction of scars caused by reasons such as temple, neck, hand and acne will also be possible thanks to filling.

The filling process is the case of injecting the filling into the relevant area by detecting the problematic area with a special injector in the lower part of the skin. Depending on the aging of the skin and genetic conditions, various problems such as loss of elasticity in the skin, decrease in collagen fibers and low fat layer occur. These lead to sagging and wrinkle problems on the skin in the following period.

Filler components are preferred to increase the volume of any structure through the body, to eliminate deep wrinkles and plump the lips. Although the permanence of the filler components varies according to the product used, it is usually 6-12 months.

There are also fillings that contain synthetic material with longer lasting life. In cases of wrinkles and sagging in the face section, filler injections are extremely successful. Filler injections are also used to obtain a fuller appearance in the cheek and lip section.

Filler components are semi-permanent or temporary substances injected to eliminate conditions such as wrinkles, sagging and scars and to give shape to the face area. With aging, sagging and wrinkles occur, especially in areas such as mouth, eyes, chin, neck, nose and forehead. Filling application can be used successfully in the lower and middle parts of the face.

What are the factors affecting the permanence of the filling?

The filling component is injected into the face with a thin needle or cannula. Fillers with the consistency of gel fill the lower part of the wrinkled sections and correct the wrinkle in the best way. If there is any sagging in the face section, it is aimed to eliminate the sagging by giving volume to the relevant area. However, the acid contained in the filler is known to retain water in the skin and moisturize the skin well and stimulate collagen production.

While the filler application adds volume to the skin, it also helps to increase moisture and collagen. These fillers, which consist of hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite contents, create a volume effect on the skin and increase the moisture and collagen level of the skin. These two substances are the building blocks of the skin. Hyaluronic acid removes wrinkles, while collagen helps tighten the skin and present a tight appearance. The long-term duration of the filling application depends on the person’s lifestyle, age and injection technique.

What are the Types of Fillings?

Types of fillings according to fillers can be listed as follows:

  • Non-permanent filling
  • Permanent filling
  • Semi-permanent filling

Among the filling components, the most preferred hyaluronic acid is semi-permanent fillings. Due to its water-retaining nature, this component adds volume to the skin and is absorbed by the body. Its permanence usually lasts up to 1 year.

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