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Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Penis Enlargement

Aesthetics performed on the genitals of men is called penis aesthetics. Penis enlargement is the application made if the distance between the tip of the penis and the bottom of the penis is 7 centimeters and below the penis length.

Fat Injection

There are many different methods and tools of the fat injection process. Basically, the oils are taken with liposuction injectors and transferred to a different injector. Then it is injected into new places. There is no need for cuts and stitches at both stages. Only local anesthesia is sufficient.

Face Lift

Face lifting is the application that eliminates the wrinkles and sagging that occur in the face area and allows the face to look much younger and healthier. People have always attached importance to looking beautiful and always looking young. Therefore, new discoveries have been made in many subjects from the health sector to the field of fashion. One of them is face lift application.

Dimple Aesthetics

Dimple, which occurs close to the lip line during every smile or smile, is possible with dimple aesthetics. It would be correct to say that it is essentially a genetic problem for dimple. It is a condition that occurs due to the shortening of the muscles called zygomaticus, which is formed in the baby in the womb November. Dimples are located in three specific different parts of the human body. Two of them are in the face area and the other one is in the waist section. Depending on the formation process, dimples generally occur later. But dimples that coincide with facial expression lines on the face can be made noticeable later or hidden due to excessive weight gain.

Closed Nose Surgery

Closed nose surgery is one of the popular practices. It is made by changing the cartilage and bone shape in the nose structure. It is one of the nose aesthetics techniques. It is a plastic surgeon operation performed by changing the cartilage and bone shape in the nose structure. This is also called scarless nose surgery. Because during the procedure, no incision is made in any visible area and the operation is performed from the inside of the nose.

Breast Aesthetics

Breast aesthetics is the application in which problems such as breast structure not being obvious according to the height, age and weight of the individual, being larger than the size it should be, sagging condition, and deformity due to traumatic or genetic reasons are eliminated.

Brazilian Butt Lift

In addition to providing a more fit posture such as tummy tuck and breast Butt Lift applications, you can also get your dream form with Brazilian Butt Lift. Among all plastic surgery applications, Butt Lift not only helps you to have a thinner waist appearance, but also literally changes the appearance of your butt area. Surgeons recommend weight gain to individuals who are thin for this application. Individuals with enough fat on the body are ideal for Brazilian Butt Lift.

Fat Removal in Men

Since the problem of lubrication is the most common problem today, fat removal in men is one of the most frequently performed practices. It is the process of removing excessive amounts of fats in the female or male body by entering through small and inconspicuous holes with the help of various devices. This fat removal technique is called general liposuction.

Almond Eye Aesthetics

Almond eye aesthetic application is also known as recessed eye aesthetics. This process is done to make the eyes exhibit a more attractive image.

Slim Lipo (Laser Lipolysis Plus)

Many different techniques are used in liposuction operations performed to shape the body or regional thinning. These techniques are power-assisted liposuction, vaserliposuction, classical laser liposuction and slimlipo technique, ie laser lipolysis plus.

Lip Lift (Lip Aesthetics)

Lip lift is known as lip lifting. Deciphering the golden ratio between the lips and the nose is a technique performed by removing excess skin. Lip lifting is the first choice of everyone who wants to have beautiful and pleasant-looking lips. Depending on age or genetics, there may be a loss of volume and fullness in the lips. This development can lead to an increase in the distance between the lips, making the individual look tired, old and sad. Decapitation of the lips can lead to an increase in the distance between the lips.

Vaser Liposuction

It is possible to get rid of unwanted fat with vaser liposuction technique. So, what kind of application is vaser liposuction? What does it do? Let's find out the details together.

Butt Aesthetics

Thanks to a professional procedure, it is possible to achieve the hip appearance you desire with aesthetic operations. It is quite easy for us to achieve the body type we dream of due to the aesthetic opportunities provided today. With butt aesthetics, people can choose between techniques such as butt implants, fat transfer to the buttocks, liposuction. Deformities that occur as a result of butt injuries are mostly corrected by butt aesthetics. Hip surgeries can also be performed without any reason. However, among the main causes of butt aesthetics, there are conditions such as sagging, gait disorder, shapelessness.

Jowl Aesthetics

The jowl is an area in the lower part of the jaw that is located at the beginning of the neck. The fat layer in the food may increase for various reasons. There may also be loosening of the skin above the food. As a result, the jowl appears much more noticeably. This situation triggers aesthetic concerns in people.


Rhinoplasty applications, known as rhinoplasty in the medical field, is an operation that eliminates deformities, breathing problems and asymmetrical posture caused by congenital or traumatic reasons in the nose. It is known as a widely preferred operation in our country since the 1970s. It is often applied in terms of both beauty and health.


Liposuction is a fat burning procedure that can be applied to the whole body, such as the upper arms, waist, ankles, thighs, buttocks and abdomen. Liposuction, which has been performed since 1977, is preferred to absorb fat through cannulas, burn it and provide tightening. Liposuction techniques offer different options with the developing technology. There are even methods such as scarless liposuction. Not only is the burning of fats, but also the stretching of the relevant area done together with this process. In addition, with slimlipo-style devices, it is also possible to burn fat instantly and to achieve tightening in the region.

Labiaplasty (Inner Lip Aesthetics)

Labiaplasty applications are one of the most performed sexual aesthetic methods in recent times. It is the most demanded among all genital aesthetic operations in our country, except for the USA and Europe Dec.

Neck Lift

Neck lift operation is a surgical application in which all the neck skin and the muscle and fat tissues under the skin, including the tickle area, are stretched from the lower part of the jaw and the excess tissues are removed in order to eliminate the sagging, wrinkles and loosening in the neck area.

Permalip Lip Silicon

It is a technique that is suitable for anyone who wants their lips to look fuller. Permalip is often preferred in lip aesthetic applications.

Uvulopalatoplasty (Small Tongue Shortening)

Orthodontics is the branch of science performed by an orthodontic professional who is interested in the treatment and diagnosis of irregularities in the facial section and prevention of their future permanence by treating and diagnosing jaw and dental disorders. The most important stage of this treatment is the correct diagnosis. After orthodontic treatment, it is possible to have stylish looking teeth that will stay in the mouth for many years.

Chin Aesthetics (Mentoplasty)

Chin aesthetic applications are the procedure performed to improve the appearance of the chin and to make it more compatible with the rest of the face. In this operation, it is aimed to change the shape of the jaw. While the application can be performed with different techniques such as implant addition in people with small jaws, in individuals with jaw deformities, operations such as displacement, movement or shortening of a part of the jaw can be performed. All of these are determined by the way recommended by the surgeon.

Obesity Surgery

There are many different obesity treatments for obesity, which is one of the biggest problems in the world today. In obese people, there is an excessive fatness of the body and a load on the organs. Before entering the bariatric surgery operation, these values should be normalized and the load on the internal organs should be alleviated. Therefore, with the joint work and diet plan that will be carried out with the slimming clinic, the individual will achieve his ideal weight in a healthy way.

Eyelid Aesthetics (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelid aesthetic procedures are an element of aesthetic completion related to cheeks and eyebrows. It plays an important role in facial rejuvenation procedures.

Tummy Tuck (Abdonimoplasty)

Tummy tuck is the practice of stretching the abdominal region by removing excess fat, deformities, sagging and excess skin that occur in the abdominal area with the operation.


It can occur in the mammary gland or adipose tissue due to an excess of adipose tissue. Gynecomastia is known as breast enlargement in men. It is a condition that occurs due to an imbalance of the hormones testosterone and estrogen and is defined as the growth of breast tissue. It occurs in about half of adult male individuals. This leads to psychological problems that, in addition to aesthetic problems, also reduce the quality of life of the individual. It can occur in boys entering puberty and in older men. It is known that it occurs due to hormone imbalance. Higher estrogen levels cause breast tissue to swell.

Muscle Aesthetics

In modern aesthetic understanding and in terms of improving the quality of life, the ideal male image is explained by a muscular, athletic and fit body structure. Especially muscular and broad shoulders, lean abdomen, muscular arms, prominent abdominal muscles are the inevitable elements of an aesthetic and healthy appearance.


The process of shaping the cheek and its surroundings aesthetically for a lifetime is called bichectomy. With this application, it is possible to permanently shape the cheek and its surroundings. It is also known as cheek thinning aesthetics. It is preferred by individuals who want to give a triangular image to the jaw line and the face in general. Surgical removal of buccal fat tissues located in the cheek area provides thinning of the relevant area. Bichectomy is a permanent application.

Lip Aesthetics

Having beautiful and attractive lips can be extremely easy with lip filler. Beautiful and proportional lips are one of the most important aesthetic details of the face.

Eyebrow Lifting

The eyebrow lift procedure is performed to remove the eyebrow area that has sagged and changed its appearance over time with some techniques and to restore its former appearance.

Ear Aesthetics

They are procedures performed to eliminate deformities in the ear. It is mostly known as prominent ear surgery. The ears are located in both areas of the face and stand out directly when viewed from the opposite side. Therefore, it is an important factor in facial beauty.

Arm Aesthetics

Arm aesthetics, also known as arm stretching surgery, is one of the most preferred aesthetic applications today. It is a plastic surgeon procedure performed to eliminate unwanted subcutaneous adipose tissue and sagging skin seen in the arm section. As is known, thin and tight arms contribute to the aesthetic appearance of the body. With the arm aesthetic operation, the aim is to achieve an elegant arm appearance with a slim form that does not swing with movement. The upper arm and shoulder area, which looks beautiful and pleasant, is always considered an indicator of youth and athletic structure.

Leg Aesthetics

One of the important components of body beauty for women is undoubtedly the legs. Aesthetic and neat looking legs are something that every woman wants. The fact that the legs are too thin, too thick, crooked or asymmetrical presents an uncomfortable and unaesthetic appearance. This situation leads to a loss of self-confidence in the individual. The legs may have various aesthetic problems based on the region. For example, conditions such as the fact that the ankle is extremely thin, protrusions in the knees can also encourage the legs to look bad.

Laser Lipolysis Plus

This method eliminates unwanted fat with two different wave lengths; while on the other hand, it provides regional thinning and gives elasticity to the tissue. It makes stretching, recovery and tightening possible.

Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetic procedures are the name given to aesthetic applications in the neck, face and décolleté area. One of the most miserable issues as the individual ages is the loss of collagen and volume of his face. This leads to a wrinkled and sagging appearance on the face. One of the most popular applications in the field of plastic surgery is facial aesthetic surgery. Excess areas of the sagging or loosening facial skin of the individual are removed and a healthier and younger appearance is obtained.

Vaginal Aesthetics

One of the most popular aesthetic operations in recent times is vaginal aesthetics. With genital aesthetic procedures, there may be an increase in self-confidence in women and elimination of sexual life problems. Aesthetic and physical problems in the sexual organ of the individual can negatively affect the individual quality of life and the excitement of sexual life. It is possible to eliminate all of these with vaginal aesthetics.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is an aesthetic operation that is often preferred today. It is generally known that the breasts are not large enough due to breastfeeding, pregnancy and aging, or when the breasts cannot complete their development. With the application of breast augmentation, small breasts become fuller and larger, aesthetically more beautiful and have a pleasant appearance. The natural materials obtained in silicone, called implants or prostheses, are placed in the lower part of the breast tissue to increase the volume of the breast. Breast surgeries are quite in demand all over the world. The breast, which is one of the main symbols of femininity, bothers individuals extremely due to the bad appearance. With the breast prosthesis applications made by plastic surgeons, seriously successful results are achieved. In this way, a person's whole life changes and his self-confidence increases.

Breast Reduction

The fact that the breast size is large seriously prevents individuals from adapting to social life. Another problem caused by breast size is skeletal deformation. Conditions such as bending in the neck, leaning forward, pain in various parts of the body, bra straps crushing the shoulder area, numbness in the arm area and pain in the back can also be caused by large breasts. Due to the size of the breast, there may also be excessive sweating and diaper rash under the breast. Breast reduction surgery is performed to ensure that breasts that are excessively large and saggy-looking are reduced and gain shape. Excessive breast growth can also occur for reasons such as genetic and hormonal reasons, excessive weight gain, advanced age, and the use of certain medications. With the breast reduction operation, excess breast tissue, adipose tissue and skin are removed; a lighter, smaller and aesthetic breast appearance is obtained.

Breast Lift

Breast lift operation is performed to restore the breast shape that has deteriorated as a result of childbirth, weight gain and aging. It is one of the most frequently preferred breast aesthetic operations Dec. Breast lift may sometimes not be enough on its own to reach the normal size of the breast. If it is estimated that the breast tissue is insufficient, the desired result becomes possible by performing breast prosthesis during the breast lift operation.

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

Plastic and aesthetic surgery includes services aimed at the treatment of both congenital and subsequent shape, aesthetic and functional disorders. Professional Plastic Surgeons, breast surgery, face and jaw bones deformities, facial deformities such as cleft lip and palate in infants provide for operations.

Rhinoplasty Operations

Rhinoplasty, also known as rhinoplasty, is extremely popular in rhinoplasty applications. One of the biggest determinants of face shape is undoubtedly the nose. In some people, the nose, which can be excessively large, arched or wide, can cause aesthetic problems and negatively affect the individual’s self-confidence and social life. Operations performed to change the shape of the nose are called rhinoplasty.

Breast Aesthetic Operations

Breast shape and size seriously affect the daily life of women. Breast aesthetics applications are divided into three as breast augmentation, reduction and lift. Excessively large breasts can cause aesthetic problems as well as back pain and posture disorders. Breasts that are sagging or small for various reasons, on the other hand, disturb the individual aesthetically. This can also lead to a deterioration of the psychology of people. In order to prevent these, breast aesthetic operations are performed.

Degreasing Operations

Fat Excess, which occurs in some parts of the body and is called regional lipoidosis, poses an aesthetic problem. These fat surpluses are removed from the body with the application of liposuction. Liposuction is applied in the form of removing fat tissues from the body by vacuuming, which are brought to a more fluid form by various techniques. It is not a slimming technique. In this respect, it is important that the individual is at the ideal weight before the application.

Tummy Tuck Operations

After excessive weight gain, rapid weight loss or pregnancy, the belly tissues may loosen and sagging may occur in this section. Even if the individual is at the ideal weight, these excesses can cause discomfort in aesthetic care. The application, which allows the sagging tissues to be removed and the belly section to have a more aesthetic and healthy appearance, is a tummy tuck operation. This technique is also not a slimming method. For this reason, it is extremely important for individuals to be at their ideal weight before the tummy tuck operation.

Eyelid Operations

Together with the gaze, the eyelids are very important in terms of facial aesthetics. Problems such as wrinkles, sagging and swelling that occur in this part of the face can negatively affect eye aesthetics. Wrinkles, fat deposits and sagging skin can occur in the upper eyelid area, mostly due to age. Swelling and wrinkles can also occur under the eyelid. The elimination of these aesthetic problems can be done with eyelid operations.

Eyebrow Lifting Operations

One of the most important parts of facial aesthetics is eyebrows. If the eyebrows are low or appear lower than they should be, it may cause the individual to exhibit a tired and old appearance. Eyebrow lifting applications are performed to eliminate such problems. Thanks to this application, there is an improvement in both the eyebrows and the general posture on the face.

Face Lift Operations

Depending on time and advancing age, the tissues on the face sag with a downward movement or collapse occurs on the face. These collapses and sagging are the most obvious quality of the old age image. A face lift operation is performed in order to transform the face shape into its former shape and to give the individual a younger appearance.

Fat Injections

It is the process of injecting fats taken from various parts of the body, especially the abdomen, into different places in order to give a fuller appearance to certain areas of the face and body. This application is most often applied for facial tissues. Fat injection procedure can be performed to eliminate wrinkles on the edge of the mouth, plump the lips, define the tip of the chin, plump the cheekbone.

Ear Aesthetic Operations

Ears, which are considered as a complement to facial aesthetics, are important from a young age in terms of appearance. The condition called prominent ear, which occurs due to insufficient folds in the ear or larger than normal ear cartilages, leads to aesthetic problems. It negatively affects the lives of individuals. In order to eliminate this, ear aesthetic operations are preferred.

Chin and Cheekbone Operations

Cheekbone and chin operations have been receiving a lot of attention recently. Prominent and plump cheekbones and chin tips offer individuals sharper and more aesthetic facial features. This condition also helps the person to look more attractive and younger. Many different techniques are used to define the cheekbone and jawbone.
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