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Treatment of Short and Broken Teeth

Treatment of Short and Broken Teeth

  • Due to the excessive covering of the teeth by the gums, the teeth can create a short appearance. In such a case, it is possible to shape the gums with a laser. The lengthening of the teeth with special methods provides an aesthetic smile. This allows patients to look younger. The dimensions of the teeth can be extended with lighted composite fillings or porcelain laminates. In addition, tooth fracture cases are often encountered in pool and bicycle accidents of children or young adults. In such cases, broken tooth treatment is applied.

    What are the Methods Used in the Treatment of Broken Teeth?

    Recently used composites mimic tooth tissues quite successfully. Factors such as color harmony, transparency and polishability of these materials allow them to resemble natural teeth. Thanks to illuminated fillings, it is possible to restore the light shape, position problems and broken teeth of the teeth in one session. Another treatment option is porcelain laminate. However, this treatment technique is suitable for older people.

    What should be done in case of tooth fractures?

    Fractures in the teeth are trauma injuries that cover a large area in the mouth. Fractures in the teeth can be seen as small fractures or cracks from the outside area. However, this fracture in the image is sometimes not limited to a visible crack. It also affects the tissues in the lower layer of the tooth.

    Displacement of the tooth in tooth fractures

    If your tooth is dislocated, it may be broken from the root section and the tooth bone may be damaged. To understand these, you should urgently see a dentist. Thanks to the examination, the problem will be able to be identified exactly. It’s also important that you don’t move your mouth too much at this point. At the same time, you should not try to remove your broken tooth.

    Is Treatment Applied to Displaced Teeth?

    The important thing in such individuals is to know how much the tooth is moving. Teeth that have been played may be due to a fracture or bone. The important detail in such cases is the condition of the tissues. The movement of the tooth towards the side section can positively affect the treatment technique in the vertical direction. If you have such complaints, you should definitely get help from a professional dentist.

    What kind of treatment should be followed in tooth fractures?

    In the treatment of tooth fracture, treatment is applied according to the tissue. If the fracture in the tooth does not extend excessively to the root section of the tooth, the broken part is removed. Then, the relevant treatment is applied to the broken tissue. If the fracture problem extends to the pulp, root canal treatment is preferred. In this way, the treatment is supported. The broken part also goes through the crown coating process. In cases where the fracture goes to the root, unfortunately, there is a possibility of tooth extraction. It is important to get support from the dentist quickly in order to avoid tooth extraction. Treatment should be planned according to the condition of the tooth.

    What should be considered in broken teeth?

    As it is known, teeth play an active role in our smile and help us look more beautiful. For this reason, we need to treat our teeth carefully and carefully. We can explain what you should do when your teeth break occurs as follows:

  • Be sure to see a dentist within half an hour or an hour after your teeth break.
  • You need to avoid hand contact with your teeth.
  • You should remove the broken tooth with a clean and hygienic cotton.
  • When you go to your dentist, you should take the broken tooth with you and tell the story of the tooth fracture in detail.
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